43) Junk Box Current Source

I finally built a permanent-solution current source, albeit from my junkbox, but at least now I have something to pull off the shelf as I need it. There need to be some refinements, however hopefully it inspires you to make your own out of an LM317 adjustable regulator IC. I’ll show you roughly how I made it and why such a device is useful. We’ll use it in future videos to analyze band theory of semiconductor devices - what fun! So stay tuned!!! **sorry the audio is kind of messed up - the gain on my recorder automatically changed to max.. couldn't really reshoot this one. More links to excellent videos on current sources... they explain it much better than I can. If you haven't subscribed to these guys, come on now!!! : W2AEW - https://youtu.be/xR0RfmmRhDw Afrotechmods - https://youtu.be/iuMngik0GR8 Support: https://www.patreon.com/thecurrentsource Twitter: https://twitter.com/TCurrentSource Web: https://www.thecurrentsource.com/